Updates 2017

Yes it has been a while. I seem to be excited about many things except having to write about them, but I think it’s useful for tracking my progress and activities, so I’ll try…

So here is a quick update for last summer and recent things.

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Another nearly missed AFA, if not for much juggling and shifting around of various commitments.

I don’t feel I would’ve missed out on much though.

Photo dump:

It was nice to see EXIT TUNES making an appearance, but I didn’t really see as many interesting things this year as much of AFA was just the same old stuff (I’m looking at those big players like Muse). One cool thing I appreciate was dealing away with the “cafe” and delegating that space to niconico kunikaigi instead, which gave me a “Stage” experience without buying the Stage tier ticket. As usual, though, purchases were mostly doujin productions.

Maybe next year I’ll go to Winter Comiket instead.

Status Report

AKA: Not Dead Yet

It has been a year with no sign of activity, that much is true. In my defense, my schedule was pretty much completely tied down by many other things, and I just couldn’t find the time to mess around with code or write up long rant-y articles. The one positive thing about this, however, was that I had time to slowly ruminate over all the random ideas that come to me, weeding out the insubstantial ones and attempting to improve those with some potential. Now all that remains is to implement them, which is truly easier said than done. I have started drawing up some plans but to put them into action, I also require free time with access to my computer(this is important), which frankly I have not much at my disposal.

Still, I wasn’t going to let the year come to an end without anything to show for it, so while the countdown party is still warming up, I release into the achromatic abyss: a side effect of learning Flixel, and photos of this year’s AFA loots.